July 09-13, 2019

Pre-courses: Moise Safra Auditorium
Symposium: WTC Sao Paulo – Events Center
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The International Symposium on Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine for Latin America (LA) is organized in collaboration with the Intensive Care Therapy of Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein represented by Elias Knobel, MD, PhD, MACP and the Department of Intensive Care Therapy of Hospital Erasme at Université Libre de Bruxelles represented by Jean-Louis Vincent MD, PhD. Started in 2001, the meeting is held every two years by the ISICEM-LA, the Latin American chapter. The Latin American meeting follows the same features of the ISICEM annual meeting held in Brussels, which is considered the world best intensive care symposium. The ISICEM for Latin American includes speakers recognized by their scientific output and publications in the journal Critical Care – which is great stimulus for Latin American researchers. Discussions during the meeting are enriched by participation of around 1,500 attendees, and many of them are responsible to coordinate different intensive care therapy units.